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The Crew


Kirk French

Writer, Director, Executive Producer

Kirk French is a Teaching Professor of Anthropology at Penn State University. He has spent over 20 years conducting archaeological research in Mesoamerica that deals with the interplay between humans and their environment, specifically as it relates to water. His passion for this particular project stems largely from his interest in environmental change. And one of the things he’s trying to accomplish with this film is to accurately document the changes and tell the personal stories from those who have been directly affected by it.


Elijah Hermitt

Producer, Editor, Director of Photography

Elijah Hermitt is a videographer based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Along with his formal education focused on anthropology and archaeology, Elijah has an extensive background in video production in a wide array of settings. Whether it was filming a documentary short on the impacts of moonshine production in North Carolina, directing live music videos, or covering Penn State football for PennLive, the guerrilla-style of his work has remained constant. Working on a project like Land and Water Revisited has enabled Elijah to  further deepen his passion of amplifying the voices of communities often forgotten by those outside of them.


Neal Hutcheson

Producer, Camera, Audio, and Editor

Neal  Hutcheson is an Emmy award winning documentary filmmaker with a large body of broadcast work centered on heritage in transition. In addition  he has contributed to programs and films on Discovery Channel, History  Channel, A&E and Sundance Channel. His films for PBS include First  Language - The Race to Save Cherokee (with Danica Cullinan),  Core.sounders - The Story of the Core Sound Watermen, and The Last One -  Moonshine in the Great Smoky Mountains. Hutcheson's longstanding  interest in collaborative, community-based storytelling finds its most vital expression to date in working with the people of the Teotihuacán  Valley to help tell their story.


Perla Xochitl Martínez Cervantes

Associate Producer

José Alonso Rodríguez Teran

Associate Producer

Chris Rattie

Original Soundtrack

Craig Goralski


Walt Wolfram

Associate Producer
Associate Producer

Cary Hudson

Additional Music

Funding Provided By:

Major Funding

The Pennsylvania State University’s

College of Liberal Arts

Institute for Energy and the Environment

The Charles Stanish Enhancement Fund

Department of Anthropology


Additional Funding

The Pennsylvania State University’s

The Office of the Vice President for Research

The Rock Ethics Institute

The Center for Human Ecology

The Humanities Institute

Latin American Studies Program

The Maya Exploration Center

The Life and Language Project at North Carolina State University




Crowdfunding Donors

This film would not have been possible without the generous support from our crowdfunding community.



Elliot Abrams

Stephen Alexander

Rosalie and Jerry Barabas

Ed Barnhart

Jeffery Beam and Stanely Finch

MaryLiz Bender

Christopher Boehke

Gina Buckley-Yost

Jose Capriles

David Carballo

Sean Carr

Cynthia Charlton

James W. Clark, Jr.

Carole Conn

Paddy Cotter

Destiny Crider

Danica Cullinan

Kristin De Lucia

Richard A. Diehl and Nancy Tucker Little

Kristina Guild Douglass

Annabel Drayton

Christopher Duffy

Holly Dunsworth and Kevin Stacey

Susan Toby Evans

Miguel Angel Fernandez Delgado

Emma Feyler

Nan Feyler

Deborah Flores


Buster and Billie French

Jeffrey Glover

Nancy Gonlin

Tomás Benjamín González Zarzar

Craig Goralski

Larry Gorenflo

John Greenlee

Jeffrey Grossi

Mike Harrower

Alexander Hatza

Jim Haverkamp

Joe and Mandy Hermitt

Serena Hermitt

Jennifer Hessert

Cayt Holzman

Robin Hornstein

Haydn Hornstein-Platt

Stephen Houston

Genet F. Hutcheson

Brett Ingram

Eric Jones

Bryan Jordin

Logan Kistler

Susan Knell

Charles C. Kolb

Jasun Lego

Gregory Luna


Ann Marie Macijowsky

Salim Michel Makhlouf

Kristi Martens

John and Tina Medkeff

George and Claire Milner

Chris Morehart

Timothy Murtha

Joe Orkin

Brian and Martha Orland

Jeffrey and Mary Parsons

Marc Pate

Dinah and Ken Pearson

Christopher Percival

PJ Perry

Chris Pratt

Ellen Quillen

Jesse Ragsdale

Jeffrey Reaser

Joan Richtsmeier

Daniel Russell

Tim Ryan

Vernon Scarborough

John Sellers

Mary Shenk

Sam Sholtis

Valerie Shulock

Lisa Shulock

Randall Smith

Dean Snow

Paige Spiers Gorman

Tony Stewart

Wesley Stoner

Rebecca Storey

Karen Szymanski

Erik R. Thomas

Marcie Venter

Matt Veres

Jennifer Wagner

David Webster

Carl Wendt

Randolph Widmer

Walt Wolfram

Jadrian Wooten

Andrew Yeowell

David Yeowell

David Zaremsky


Let’s Grow State

Jenny Benoit

Jo Dumas

Andrew Kuhn

Sarah McKenna

Deborah Nichols

Let's Grow State

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